PM Modi to address Udhampur rally on April 12: BJP -
PM Modi to address Udhampur rally on April 12: BJP
Posted 08 Apr 2024 05:17 PM


State head Narendra Modi will address a political race rally in Jammu and Kashmir's Udhampur Lok Sabha voting public on April 12, BJP J-K president Ravinder Raina said on Sunday.

Surveying in Udhampur is planned for the principal period of the seven-stage general races on April 19 and Association Pastor Jitendra Singh is looking for a third continuous term in the Lok Sabha from the supporters.

Raina, who led a gathering of senior BJP pioneers at the party base camp here to conclude the arrangements for the state leader's convention on the side of Singh, expressed multiple lakh individuals are supposed to partake in the occasion.

He requested that pioneers look at a very much arranged procedure to deal with the issues of the meeting like making arrangement for drinking water and vehicle leaving.

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