Meeras Mahal Historical center: Observing Valley's rich legacy -
Meeras Mahal Historical center: Observing Valley's rich legacy
Posted 27 Nov 2023 12:21 PM


In a huge social achievement, the Meeras Mahal Exhibition hall of Ethnography was revealed on Saturday, offering an enamoring window into the different legacy of the Kashmir valley.

The climax of cooperative endeavors by the INTACH Kashmir Section and the Range Establishment, the gallery's initiation in north Kashmir's Sopore town denoted a critical second in the safeguarding of the district's social heritage.

The exhibition hall brags a rich assortment north of 7,000 curios, giving an ethnographic focal point into the social legacy of the Kashmir Valley. Classified into earthenware, woodwork, wicker and grassware, metal (counting gems), stone, materials, and original copies, the antiques envelop things of ordinary utilize that were pervasive in Kashmir until the 20th 100 years.

The earthenware assortment, obtained from different locales of Kashmir, incorporates things like matths (stockpiling vessels), lopun (huge capacity vessels for grains), daan (dirt ovens), toer (serving bowls), chai pateil (tea dish), and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Past her job as an educationist and dissident, Atiqa Bano (1940-2017) fuelled the curation of the Meeras Mahal Exhibition hall more than quite a while. Her commitment zeroed in on saving the quintessence of Kashmir's rustic life, agrarian practices, customs, ceremonies, minor expressions, and customary businesses.

Naturally introduced to a loved group of researchers, Atiqa Bano assumed a urgent part in laying out the gallery, storing up an assortment from individual commitments, saved curios, and fastidious house to house assortments. Indeed, even subsequent to resigning from senior situations inside the Branch of Schooling, Atiqa Bano kept on supporting the way of life of her country.

Following Atiqa Bano's death in 2017, the Meeras Mahal Trust, with immovable help from the INTACH Kashmir Part, pulled in the consideration of the Delhi-based Range Establishment, fuelling the repair and redesign of the gallery.

INTACH Kashmir Part assumed a crucial part in giving skill, directing the plan, and executing the gallery's rebuilding. The renovation project, separated into two stages in view of accessible subsidizing, has effectively finished Stage I.

"In Stage I, underlying upgrades were executed to sustain seismic tremor versatility, including the essential addition of primary steel at basic regions. Retrofitting the structure to oblige sweeping presentation spaces required destroying and supplanting a few walls with steel supports. Slopes and emergency exits were presented for further developed openness, drawing motivation from Kashmir's taq-based design for the fundamental height," said INTACH convenor Saleem Ask. "The renovation tended to zap needs and extended the lobby space for an improved section insight," Ask said.

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