Amit Shah asserts that if the Congress is elected, Karnataka would see "riots." -
Amit Shah asserts that if the Congress is elected, Karnataka would see "riots."
Posted 25 Apr 2023 06:26 PM



According to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, dynasty politics would reach an all-time high in Karnataka if the Congress wins the state's next election, and the state will be "afflicted with riots." Speaking to a crowd in Terdal in the Belagavi district, the former BJP president added that if the Congress becomes the government, the state's growth will be in "reverse gear." Shah said that only the BJP can guide the state towards a "New Karnataka" in an effort to win the people's support for "political stability" in Karnataka, which will vote on May 10. Shah, a crucial poll strategist and campaigner for the party, said, "If the Congress wins, dynastic politics will be at an all-time high and Karnataka will be hit by riots." Jagadish Shettar, a former chief minister, and Laxman Savadi, a former deputy chief minister, have lately joined the Mallikarjun Kharge-led party. "Congress has always insulted the Lingayat community because in its long rule in the state it could only give two Lingayat Chief Ministers - S Nijalingappa and Veerendra Patil - and both were humiliated and sacked from the party," the senior BJP leader added. Shah argued that the Congress is bankrupt because it is trying to get support based on the BJP leaders. He said that to remove former Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa, the Congress joined forces with the JD(S). "You want to move forward with the aid of some of our leaders after ousting Yediyurappa using the JD(S), but the people of Karnataka, especially those from 'Kittur," He noted that the 'double-engine' BJP administration in the state granted revenue village status to the hamlets of the nomadic tribe Lambani and the shepherds' villages, known as 'Kuruba Hatti'. According to the Minister, the "internal fight" within the Congress over who should be the Chief Minister (should the party win the election) between former CM Siddaramaiah and Congress state president D K Shivakumar is still going on. "Why engage in pointless conflict when neither of them will succeed as chief minister. Because the BJP will have the next chief minister, your number isn't even there, Shah said. As "every vote to them will eventually go to the Congress," he pleaded with the populace not to support the JD(S). "If folks

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