Scientists discover an anti-bacterial, anti-viral cranberry-coloured lipstick -
Scientists discover an anti-bacterial, anti-viral cranberry-coloured lipstick
Posted 19 Dec 2022 03:05 PM


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Lipstick can improve confidence, complement an outfit, and keep lips from chapping. However, sharing a tube with a friend or family member can spread illnesses. Researchers from ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces added cranberry extract to the formulation to create a version with antibacterial characteristics. Their deep red cream quickly inactivates disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and a fungus that come in contact with it. According to historians, people in ancient Egypt were the first to use make-up, applying pastes made from minerals and other substances in their environment. The formulations have evolved over the centuries, but now researchers have come full circle, looking again toward natural ingredients. For example, recent studies have reported that lipstick formulas incorporating natural colorants, such as red dragon fruit, can result in products with both vibrant colors and antimicrobial activity. And previously, cranberry extract has been shown to inactivate viruses, bacteria, and fungi. So, Angel Serrano-Aroca and colleagues wanted to use cranberry extract to create a deep red lip tint with antimicrobial properties. The research team mixed cranberry extract into a lipstick cream base, which contained shea butter, vitamin E, provitamin B5, babassu, oil, and avocado oil. In experiments, reddened cream was added to cultures containing different viruses, bacteria, and one fungal species. Both enveloped and non-enveloped virus types were completely inactivated within a minute of contact with the cranberry-containing cream. And the multidrug-resistant bacteria, mycobacteria, and fungus were substantially inactivated within five hours of applying the cream. The researchers suggest that their novel lipstick formula could offer protection against a variety of disease-causing microorganisms.

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