Hair Care Tips For Monsoon -
Hair Care Tips For Monsoon
Posted 30 Jun 2020 02:57 PM


Monsoon is accompanied with hair fall, frizzy hair and other similar hair problems for many. What you eat, is going to be directly reflected on your hair quality. Regular oiling and even a few nutrient supplements can help in improving your hair quality and reduce hair loss. Nutritionist Pooja Makhija recently went live on Instagram to talk about the role that nutrition plays in hair fall, over and above hair care products and your age. Consuming a balanced and healthy diet ensures that your hair stays in the active growing stage.

1. Vitamin C rich foods
Kiwi is a Vitamin C-rich food which can help in improving your scalp health. Also, the fruit helps in better assimilation of iron, which is an important micronutrient for efficient hair growth. Healthy haemoglobin levels can improve blood supply and provide adequate nutrition to hair follicles. Other vitamin C rich foods that you can have are guava, amla, oranges, lemon, broccoli and tomatoes.

2. Iron-rich foods
Now that it has been established that iron is an important nutrient for hair growth, it is recommended that you increase your dietary iron intake as well. Nuts and seeds, lentils and legumes, dark leafy green vegetables, wheatgrass, beetroot, dates, etc are all rich sources of iron.

3. Protein-rich foods
Rajma or kidney beans are a great source of vegetarian protein. Including protein-rich foods in diet can help in strengthening hair follicles. One-fourth of your main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) should comprise good quality protein. Chicken, fish, eggs, lentils, sprouts, soya beans, nuts and quinoa are healthy protein sources you can include in your diet.

4. Healthy fats
Avocado is a good source of healthy fats and potassium. Makhija informs that avocado is a great source of Vitamin E and fatty acids that can prevent thinning of hair. Similarly, flaxseeds too contain healthy fats that are required to keep your hair follicles nurtured and your scalp soft. A soft scalp with just the right amount of moisture (neither too oily nor too dry) can help your hair look healthy and well-nourished. Other healthy fats to include in your diet are pure ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts and seeds and fatty fish to name a few. "Take one tsp of virgin coconut oil on an empty stomach in the morning. It can help in improving your skin and hair quality," suggests the celebrity nutritionist

5. Vitamin A rich foods
Carrots are great source of beta carotene, the precursor of Vitamin A. Tomatoes, papaya and mango are a rich source of beta carotene and Vitamin A.

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