Public safety Counselor Sullivan to visit New Delhi to connect new govt on shared India-US needs: White House -
Public safety Counselor Sullivan to visit New Delhi to connect new govt on shared India-US needs: White House
Posted 06 Jun 2024 05:00 PM

Image Source: Agencies

US President Joe Biden's Public safety Counselor Jake Sullivan will visit India to draw in with State head Narendra Modi-drove new government on shared needs, including the trusted, vital innovation organization, the White House said, as the two top pioneers look to extend the reciprocal organization.

Sullivan's visit was examined during the call President Biden made to Top state leader Modi on Wednesday to compliment him on his re-appointment for a notable third term.

"President Joseph R Biden, Jr talked today with State head Narendra Modi of India to salute him and the Public Popularity based Union on their noteworthy triumph in India's overall political decision," the White House said in a readout of the call.

Biden additionally lauded individuals of India for taking part in the decisions, with almost 650 million going to the surveys to cast a ballot, the readout said.

The two chiefs stressed their obligation to developing the US-India Far reaching and Worldwide Key Organization and to propelling their common vision of a free, open and prosperous Indo-Pacific district, it said.

"The two chiefs likewise examined Public safety Guide Jake Sullivan's forthcoming travel to New Delhi to draw in the new government on shared US-India needs, including the trusted, key innovation association," the White House said.

Top state leader Modi, answering Biden's salutary message, answered that he was "glad to get call from my companion President @JoeBiden. Profoundly esteem his warm expressions of felicitations and his appreciation for the Indian majority rule government."

"Conveyed that India-US Extensive Worldwide Organization is ready to observe numerous new milestones in the years to come. Our organization will keep on being a power for worldwide great to serve humankind," Modi composed on X.

Sullivan's movement dates to India have not been declared at this point however is supposed to be promptly after Modi being confirmed for the third time on Saturday.

Modi is good to go to assume responsibility as the state leader for a third continuous term with the Bharatiya Janata Party-drove Public Popularity based Partnership (NDA) winning 293 seats in the Lok Sabha surveys. Modi is probably going to make vow on June 8.

In a different proclamation, Representative Ben Cardin, Seat of the Senate Unfamiliar Relations Board of trustees, praised individuals of India for closing their races, with votes cast at north of 1,000,000 surveying stations all through the country throughout only half a month's time.

"Individuals of India have again shown their obligation to the popularity based process, projecting their votes regardless of the current year's serious heatwaves," he said.

"The US-India association is, and will stay, significant for territorial and worldwide flourishing for a long time to come. I anticipate fortifying this relationship, and accept it will persevere inasmuch as it is established in shared regard and trust, and a guarantee to vote based values," he said.

"As political pioneers structure another administration, I reaffirm my help for individuals of India in their proceeded with endeavors to reinforce equity and law and order, to upgrade straightforward administration, and to protect basic freedoms," Cardin said.

Director emeritus of Cisco, John Chambers, in a LinkedIn post, saluted Modi on his third term in office.

"At the point when I ponder back my most memorable gathering with PM Modi, I was hit immediately with his humble yet brave soul and furthermore his striking vision for India. His Computerized India drive is one of the most mind-blowing I have at any point seen, and ongoing significant organizations in safeguard, innovation and more are an obvious sign of the country's development direction," he said.

"As I said at the Kennedy Place last June, I entrust PM Modi with my life and I accept India will turn into the #1 Gross domestic product on the planet, by and large in light of his endeavors. I anticipate teaming up further to make the US-India organization the most grounded on the planet as the Director of the US-India Key Association Discussion. Watch out for India - I most definitely, will keep on being the greatest bull on the country under his administration," Chambers said.

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